The Challenge

"Long before discussing a logo change, our book marketing experts were already embracing integration as a solution in a market brimming with new authors and books. However, to reflect changes in both the publishing and marketing industries, it was deemed necessary to create a modern logo that reflected our commitment to an integrated approach." - Digiwriting


The Solution

Digiwriting needed a logo that was sleek, modern & symbolic of "integration". The colour scheme was chosen to have vibrancy but also harmony between all of the products and services that the colours would be applied to. Versatility is a very important aspect so the symbol had to be strong and geometric to stand out on every social media platform at any size. The four triangles combined to create a book was the concept that hit the nail on the head because it was a smart yet subtle way to connect to the target market.


The Results

"The most obvious addition to our logo is the symbol. Made of four identical triangles, each piece is meant to represent one of our many book publicity services. When multiple services are combined to achieve an author or publisher’s objectives, the result is an integrated approach to book marketing. When all four pieces of our symbol are combined, they resemble an open book."