The Challenge

Blue Moon Publishers needed a new look that was both functional and expressive of imagination. They are publishers are quality fiction & non-fiction so their branding had room for a little more personality.


The Solution

Taking the original blue moon concept and incorporating the cloud theme added a new branding element that could be carried forward into various materials. The logo and the logotype had to be strong and structured and of course legibility at a smaller size had to be taken into consideration because it would indeed be on the spines of many books to come.

The Results

A clean and modern branding that will capture the interest of the target market with it's imaginative look. The look is a reflection of the quality that Blue Moon Publishers strives for when choosing works to publish. It's inventive, keeping the look fresh on social media to maintain relevancy.





What I've Achieved

  • Established a strong sense of branding
  • Visually communicated the original concept
  • Expanded the brands versatility with different textures, and orientations of the logo