Ever wondered how Realioness gets her shiny mane? No?! Well not to sound like an infomercial but here are my favourite picks of this month. 

Seeing as it is the dead of winter in Toronto, hydration is key. Rather than grab thick creams which seem to work well for some women, my weapon of choice is oil. The Swarzkopf Bonacure Miracle oil is my all time favourite moisturizer for my hair. It is lightweight, smells great and doesn't leave any leftover residue. It is suitable for daily use on dry hair and it also comes in a lighter version for those with thinner hair who aren't interested in too much shine. 

Mac Cosmetic's prep + prime oil is a great base for foundation. Just like the Bonacure oil it is lightweight, absorbs well and gives a nice supple feel to the skin. If you are like me and you use skincare for clearing purposes it can leave the skin a bit on the drier side. Reaching for thick creams only at night. Although thick creams are great in the winter, under foundation it can affect how the foundation sits only your skin, it will most definitely be slipping around.