Is love outdated? Do we really need it? Do people still believe in love? Sometimes I wonder if my mind is playing tricks on me. We have the power to cultivate thoughts that with enough repetition becomes an opinion. What if my opinion is that I don't need love? How will the world view me? A pessimist? As we go through life we all carve our own path that helps us get closer to what we desire. 

How precious is a gem that one cannot afford? Does it still have value? I find that people including myself tend to conjure up and hold on to ideals. In love with the idea of love but not the reality of it.What is it that makes the human spirit crave to love and be loved? Who is truly unselfish? Who will give with no hopes to receive? Regardless of what is we want, we all give in hopes to receive. 

I heard that heaven ain't easy to get to

We all hope that it exists,

We all hope that it is bliss

I heard it is heaven on earth.