It has long been debated within religion & philosophy whether or not having expectations are ideal. There is a freedom that comes with not having any expectations. When I choose a location to shoot, somewhere that I have never been before, I often have an idea in my head that I get attached to. I want the lighting to be a certain way, I want the colours to be vivid, I want the tea cups to be beautiful, I want people to be cooperative. Having expectations is normal, it is human but being able to adapt to the changes of life is powerful, it reduces suffering. Sometimes the sun doesn't shine, it is cloudy, the lighting sucks, its cold, whatever it may be, it is certainly to my benefit to bounce back when the things I expect don't happen. 

The location, Quantam Coffee was a beautiful spot to shoot at, it just wasn't what I had in mind. I was thinking more of drinking coffee by a beautiful window type shoot, not getting sexy on a windowsill in the back of the coffee shop LOL. There was a window my friend and I found which was a great surprise since I wasn't aware that it was there when scouting the location. It was at that perfect time of day when the sun was just beaming through the window and because it was a bit cloudy there was a gorgeous softening effect. I think it looks well when there is more Chiaroscuro present in the photo, it really brings out the textures. I've been told that I really love black and white and I suppose that is true to a certain extent. I love colour but it is winter in Toronto and the city just lacks colour, I will have to create it for my future shoots. 

Not being attached to the visualization of an ideal is beneficial for growth. The more emotionally tied up you are to what you desire the more you will suffer. Opinions can change, and it will change how you feel. The mind is tricky, it disillusions you into thinking things are better, or worse than they actually are. I believe that there are things that one cannot replace, however there are definitely many things (including people) that can definitely be substituted.  As confident as I am I still think that there have been and there will be more people I come across in life that will certainly not see my value. With that being said, why get bent out of shape over the concept of perceived value?

They say patience is a virtue.  I have had patience for many things in life without ever receiving what I truly desired and since I am human and I will still desire, I have to remember patience isn't necessarily a good thing. As I have lived and lost, I have learned that the less patience I have for things that aren't beneficial to me the better. Act quick, love quick, recover quick because life is short. There are many different types of suffering and the pain I choose is the pain for gain. Pulling the plug is becoming easier.