The Fall

I read an article a few years back that stuck with me to this day. The premise was that the fall season held the same significance to students that of new years day. A new beginning to learn and be optimistic about the future. I believe that learning is a life long journey and regardless of if you’re in school there should be defining moments of creativity and willingness.

People definitely change with the weather and Toronto is no exception. The summer buzz is simmering down but its not necessarily a bad thing. Lately the air is getting colder but it’s a pleasant cooling sensation that makes me think of what I would like to achieve this season. I will be studying part time in addition to working full time. I only have time to spend on myself. In the future I will be spending more and more time and effort into learning and experiencing all of the things I feel will make me better as a person before I move on to the next chapter in life, which will be definitely be in another country.

When I think about where I want to be in the future; it’s always elsewhere. Often people fantasize about living elsewhere because they are unhappy with their current settings. I have been unhappy at times but I don’t want my plans to be based on the desire to run away. You can’t run away from yourself or your problems so I seek to make the best of any situation because I believe anywhere in the world has something to offer. Toronto is indeed a beautiful culturally rich bustling place to live in. People in the past have asked me if Toronto is a good place to live I said “only if you choose to discover what it offers, it’s not going to seek you out." I still believe that to this day. When I think back to the times where I was dissatisfied with living here I wasn’t doing all of the things I liked to do that made me happy. Nothing can prosper in isolation.  

Today was an inspiring day filled with surprises. Sometimes having no expectations leaves room for unexpected situations. Upon arriving downtown I decided to grab something quick to eat before my video editing class. As usual, I wander into a restaurant/café that I’ve never been to before. It was called Art Square, a beautiful Art Gallery/Crepe Café combination. The food was amazing and the art was inspiring, it set the tone for the day. During the course of the day I was inspired by what I learned and the wonderful new people I met. I’ve always been the person to make conversation with strangers, a skill that my parents tell me I’ve had since I was a child. Interacting with strangers, learning new things and going to new places is what makes life worthwhile for me. The exchange of energy makes my universe.