The Cottage


This year for the long weekend I went up to my cottage instead of taking part in Caribana activities. It was a nice change seeing as I haven't been spending much time there this summer. Pigeon lake is quite gorgeous. You can find little treasures if you really look around. Normally I'm too busy doing something to take pictures but this time I'm glad I did! I even followed my brother into the water and to my surprise this little guy was behind me.


I was quite surprised actually, he didn't really move much. He wasn't bothered by my presence. Even though I got really close it was the water crashing on the shore made him leap away. Cute little guy he made my day and my portfolio!

Its nice to be in a quiet lush green environment once in a while, but not for too long because I definitely am a city girl and I can't go too long without the hustle and bustle.