Krudar's Josimar Versus Apex Sanshou's Jason @ Black Devil MMA

This past weekend I came out to support one of our fighters from Krudar at Black Devil MMA, Toronto. It was quite exciting as it was his first fight. The love and support from the Krummunity is amazing and inspiring. The turn out was incredible.

As usual, I was busy running around and pointing my camera in everyone’s face, invading personal space for the sake of creativity. It was an opportunity to take what I’ve been learning at OCADU so far and apply it to this event.

My conceptual process was to communicate the sense of time passing, to build anticipation and to show the world the behind the scenes of a fight. Being from a community of Muay Thai fighters/champions/trainers/students, the “behind the scenes” is really the lifestyle that I experience. The beauty of the Thai tradition is so important to the authentic Muay Thai experience. I see what my fellow comrades go through, I may not fully be able to comprehend what a fighter goes through as I am not there yet but I have a real sense of what it takes to get there. It’s amazing to see a community come together to elevate each other to great heights.

I am pleased to share the final product. Of course as always, there are many things I could have done in addition to make this better, I see many mistakes but at least the consciousness is enough to prevent these hiccups in the future.

The best part about film is that you get to be in the midst of everything, it’s a physical experience as well as a mental. Hanging off of the top of the cage was fun and absolutely worth it. Even when they rocked the cage and I held on for dear life.