The Krummunity.

The atmosphere in which you are in greatly determines your success, influences the way you think and ultimately affects who you are. Thoughts become actions and actions become habits.

The Krummunity of Krudar believes consistency and hard work creates talent. When doubt starts to seep into my mind sometimes motivation cannot always be found within. Everyone is different, we all have our ways to "recharge" when we are depleted. Take a step back. Expand your mind. Pay attention to those around you. The powerful energy that humans create is transferable. A smile and words of encouragement can often lift my spirits and shift my focus back to where it should be.

Today marks my fourth month at Krudar. To me it feels a lot longer than that. I think its because I've seen so much progress and have faced many challenges within the time frame. I don't necessarily believe I am qualified to give advice but what I can do is share my story. Even if sometimes you feel like you can't make it through, just try. Never stop trying. Not every day can be a good day but remember what it is you want. If you have to take a day off, do it. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength. Upon returning remember that your hindrance was only temporary. I could barely do knee push ups when I first started. I was severely lacking in upper body strength, sometimes it would cause me grief but I had to keep going. The reason why I am using push ups as an example is because now that I can do them, I'm already worried about being able to do pull ups. The funny thing about humans is that we're never satisfied. It can be both admirable and to our detriment when taken too seriously. There is definitely a formula for growth. The right combination of things can be a catalyst for success. Of course everyone's formula may differ in some ways but there are factors that remain essential.

I am grateful

For anyone who I have crossed paths with on this journey. I am thankful for your encouragement, inspiration, motivation, wisdom, smiles, laughter, praise and constructive criticism. Sharing this experience with others is what makes it worthwhile. Both battles and celebrations should be shared. Speaking of battles, the Krummunity came together to quickly restore the gym; our home back to normal after facing flood damage. Which I am indeed grateful for.

I am curious

Knowledge is powerful. I find people's stories of tribulation and triumph alluring. I see the value in the advice of others. If you want to do it, talk to those who have done it. Ask questions, it is for the sake of your own personal growth. I would say in the past I struggled with shyness as many often do when facing something new or just in general. What do I gain from it? The only thing I get from being shy is regrets! My desire to improve has become far stronger than the internal self consciousness that previously hindered my progress. Of course there are still inhibitions I would like to iron out. Things I wish to change, things that I could have done differently but I don't fret. To err is human.

I admire

With my eyes but more importantly, my mind. Those who only see with their eyes are blind. I don't only see talent. It's not only about belts and fights. Ambition, dedication and the heart of a warrior, I see it in many people. The qualities of a great warrior transcends far beyond the physical aspect of the martial art and into the personality of the individual; that is what is truly remarkable to me. The essence of your being. It is simply about perception. What I see in others they may not always see in themselves and vice versa. If one does not hold admiration for oneself then what is the value of being admired?

I remember

When I first walked in the beautiful smiles and warm welcome on such a cold winter day. The open house, the encouragement and genuine sincerity, bum down! The first class, the lovely individuals with the world of patience, breathe out! The first achievement is yet to come. In the future there will be many more memorable moments to add to this list!

As the days draw closer, It is so easy to slide down the slippery slope of self doubt and worry however, I have changed my patterns of thought through self-reflection and positive reinforcement from others. Now I think to myself what was I so worried about? All I can do is keep focused and stick to my game plan. Regardless of what happens when the day of the test comes I am going to enjoy the anxiety of excitement because I don't have anything to lose.

It takes a krummunity to raise a warrior